1/ HOW TO SHOP WITH US: We specialize in hand woven products of various sizes. Our woven straps are suitable for belts, guitars, cameras, bag straps or leashes or even clothing trim. If you can imagine it you can use it! These woven bands are time consuming and some are very intricate. To avoid disappointment ( you just love band #1 but it is a dog leash and you would really love that as a belt) I have decided that most of my woven bands will not be “finished”. This means that you can pick the band that you like and request the product you desire.  Of course you also have the option of purchasing a completed product or an unfinished band; your choice.  Unfinished bands are sold by length. My larger woven products are sold as finished items. Don’t worry all products have a description. All my products are hand made by me.

2/ SHIPPING: Shipping prices are set by Canada Post. I will do my best to ship in the most cost effective and secure manner.

3/ PRICING: Why would my prices vary within product categories? My pricing is based on many different factors: cost of materials, length of time to complete, intricacy of the pattern or technique involved, etc. For example Tablet woven bands or Baltic Weave patterns require a great deal of effort to weave. Have a look at my weaving video for Baltic Weave and Monk’s Belt to see what I mean.

4/ How Long Will It Take For Me To Make Your Requested Item: Once you order your woven belt of choice and decide what you want then give me at least a day to finish it.