About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read on to find out why we are called Running Dog Art and what we have that you may want.


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Our story

Running Dog Art? I have had the privilage to share my life with two wonderful dogs. One Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and one Greyhound, both long gone but fondly remembered. Both dogs loved to run. The spaniel because it was the quickest way to get places and the greyhound because they are born for it and it was a wonderful sight to see a greyhound in full gallop.

So what has all this got to with the name? Well many years ago I made coats for greyhounds. They are known for their sleek shape and low body fat. Must be Nice! That is all very well unless you live on an island in the North Atlantic.  As family and work committments grew the business came to a halt. When thinking of a new name for this adventure I kept thinking back to these two wonderful dogs and Running Dog Art was created.

Where are we located? We live in Newfoundland, a province of Canada and an island out there in the North Atlantic. We are very close to the most Easterly point in North America. Newfoundlanders love to talk about the weather. In case you too are wondering what the weather is like here, I will tell you that officially we have 4 seasons but think of it as mostly “almost winter” or “almost summer”. Oh yes, and it is almost always windy. Anything under 40kms isn’t worth mentioning, 80kms we stop wearing hats.

Our Products and how I make them.  You will notice a fairly diverse list of products. I need to take breaks between art forms to keep my ideas fresh and to prevent boredom. I spin yarn and hand dye some of it. I use most of that in various, one of a kind, hooked rugs. I weave to create bands that can be used for many useful and unique products. (Belts, purse straps, yoga bands, decorative additions to hats or clothing, leashes, etc.) Think of it as wearable art! A real conversation piece!

Need a fashionable yet functional scarf? How about tea towels?

I make things as I can so drop back often to see if there is anything new.

Some items, like woven bands, I will offer as unfinished pieces and you can choose how you would like it to be finished; as a leash, belt, yoga strap, etc.

These items are all handmade and unique and take a significant amount of time to complete.

Inspiration : Where does it come from? I see photos in books and on-line, I scribble on graph paper, etc. I also do a lot of reading on techniques. The following is a short list of my favourite sources of inspiration and information.

  1. Tablet Weaving in Theory and Practice.
  2. Elewys of Finchingefeld
  3.  Saga Wool Craft – Sulawesi Tablet Weaving
  4. Book- The Weaver’s Inkle Pattern Directory by Anne Dixon